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Votivo Turns 25!

This month, we’re inviting you to celebrate 25 years of Votivo with us! It’s been a beautiful, colorful, fragrant ride, filled with constant innovation and occasional celebrations (like when we created Red Currant and you all loved it!) To celebrate 25 years of excellence in the art of fragrance, we’re giving you the ultimate ‘90s night in, and we’re reminiscing a little.

First and foremost, we would not have 25 years of fun to look back on if you all had not supported us in our pursuit of fragrance excellence. To thank you for sticking with us since 1994, we’re giving one lucky winner a “Best of 1994” prize pack! Amazon, Votivo, FRIENDS, Gushers, and Bubble Tape were all launched in 1994. Here’s what you can win:

  • $100 Amazon gift card
  • 1 LARGE Red Currant Aromatic Candle (110 hour burn time!)
  • All 6 seasons of FRIENDS, on DVD of course.
  • Snacks- Bubble Tape, Gushers, popcorn, and a fun koozie.

You can enter to win everything in this picture on our Instagram post here.

90s night giveaway

Now that we’ve expressed our gratitude, let’s remember the road that brought us to 2019. It wasn’t always Sample Kits and giggles. We started out with a pretty good line-up, see below. Clearly the design hit the mark. Do you see any fragrances here that were old favorites?


We made soap for a while, dabbled in body mist, launched a French collection, then decided we should stick with our boxes and focus on excellence in the art of fragrance.

Later, we made pillar candles, and that was a really interesting challenge for us operationally. We created the White Collection, then gave our perfumers a breath of fresh air and they created the Garden Collection. Ah, Fresh Tomato Leaf, good memories.

Our customers weren’t so sure about green wax, but we still receive messages today about how much you all loved this scent. Fresh Tomato Leaf was released from the vault for a limited time in 2017. Are there any other discontinued fragrances you’d like to see make a comeback?


After the Garden Collection came burning sticks. They’re kind of like reeds, but you light them on fire. If that makes you concerned, it should. Thankfully after this brief detour, we launched a few winners like White Ocean Sands, Moroccan Fig, and Forgotten Sage. They’re still in our aromatic collection today!

Can you guess the scents we started out with that are still available? Honeysuckle, Teak, and Red Currant have been around since 1994—the same year the Lion King, Forrest Gump, and Pulp Fiction were released. What a time to be alive, right?

We can’t fully appreciate the road to 25 without documenting our best transformation yet. Friends, in 2009 we launched our first Holiday Collection, and yes, we were going through our “mystique” phase. You all stuck with us because Icy Blue Pine is the Christmas tree scent of your dreams, and we couldn’t be more appreciative. 


We are overjoyed to present you with the new and improved Holiday Collection, the ultimate celebration of 25 years practicing excellence in the art of fragrance. This holiday season, it’s our gift to you!


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