Spring Fever – Votivo

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Spring Fever

If a severe case of spring fever has hit your household, but it still feels like Old Man Winter is ruling the atmospheric conditions, fear not, for Votivo can deliver the aroma of spring through several of its Aromatic Collection favorites. Read along to see how Votivo can get your house feeling and smelling more like spring in a flash.

If you are a big advocate of spring cleaning, Votivo’s Clean Crisp White is a must. With notes of crisp citrus, ozone and sandalwood, the scent will make your house smell as if it was just cleaned from top to bottom without all the work.

Votivo Honeysuckle Aromatic Candle

Longing for the sight of vivid-hued blossoms and sweet smell of fresh cut flowers? Try Votivo’s Honeysuckle or Pink Mimosa to deliver the breath-taking experience. Honeysuckle features a dewy green note with wild honeysuckle and jasmine, while Pink Mimosa spotlights a bubbliness in its mixture of mandarin, strawberry, gardenia and vanilla rum.

Votivo Pink Mimosa Aromatic Votive

If you have tried some of our favorites suggested above, and you are looking to branch out then look no further than Votivo’s new White Iris. Balancing powdery lightness with earthy intensity, White Iris bonds rooty accords with lavish florals for a fragrance that effortlessly shifts from sheer softness to weighty richness.

Votivo White Iris Aromatic Travel Tin

We will let you in on a little secret. Be sure to follow along on our Instagram @votivo. We will have several guest influencers sharing their spring cleaning tips using Votivo’s Clean Crisp White in April. You didn’t hear it from us, but giveaways could also be in the picture.

Here’s to spring!