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Remember When - Rolling Stone Magazine

Receiving an unprecedented reception upon its launch decades ago, Votivo’s Red Currant created shockwaves in the home fragrance realm seemingly overnight. The perfumer responsible for its creation traveled the world for years researching, compiling, developing and fine-tuning this aromatic masterpiece.

Red Currant's spell-binding formulation quickly garnered an obsession among consumers, which only continued to propagate year after year. Adding to the Red Currant craze, celebrities such as Madonna touted their affinity for the fragrance. 17 years ago, the queen of pop was pregnant and embarking on another tour to promote her most recent album. In a Rolling Stone feature entitled, “Madonna Can’t Stop the Music,” by Jancee Dunn that was published on September 28, 2000, our aromatic candles were mentioned.

The following excerpt was taken from the Rolling Stone website where we found the original article:

"We join Madonna in her office at Maverick Records in Los Angeles, which is scented with Votivo candles (don't pretend you don't want to hear these details, because you do). Moby's album Play can be heard in another room. The walls are hung with an array of photos: Noel Coward, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane and the late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, a friend of Madonna's from her New York days in the early Eighties. This article propelled Votivo into star status – where we continue to stay – with New York Fashion Week and Kari Feinstein’s Oscar Style Lounge partnerships, just to name a few.
The fragrance effortlessly seized its best-selling title years ago and is still reigning from the top of the fragrance hierarchy today. The fragrance is in multiple collections and even received its own collection at the end of 2015. Traversing generations, Red Currant is cherished by long-standing followers and new fans alike. Often replicated but never duplicated, experience the legendary staying power of Votivo’s Red Currant. Red Currant: The formulation for instantaneous chemistry is found within this meticulously-crafted legendary fragrance composed of lush, earthy green notes, tart citrus, cassis, tropical fruit and musk."