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Fragrance for Men

Meet Francois-Yves Auger-Takada, a NYC Men’s Lifestylist, full-time trade advisor at the French Embassy Trade Office, and fragrance enthusiast with a penchant for travel. Francois is an expert at curating a beautiful life, and he agreed to share with us how to elevate everyday experiences with Teak.



How would you describe the Teak fragrance?

I find the Teak fragrance to be musky, woody and quite masculine.


teak products

What emotions and/or memories does Teak evoke for you?

The Teak scent reminds me of an eau de cologne I used to wear. I love warm and woody scents. 



teak in living room

How would you recommend incorporating the Teak fragrance in your lifestyle?

I recommend people to use the Teak fragrance in their living room. The scent is warm, inviting and perfect to make yourself and guests feel relaxed.



living room in evening

What time of day would you use this fragrance, and what type of atmosphere do you believe it creates in your home?

I would definitely use this fragrance in the evening. The teak fragrance is warm and woody which makes it perfect at night, as the sun sets. 



teak with horse

Which colors and other home decor items compliment this scent? 

The Teak scent compliments a more outdoorsy, masculine aesthetic - well warn earth tones, patina wood furniture and antiques. 



Would you gift Teak? If so, to whom and for what occasion?

Absolutely. I truly believe that Teak scented products (especially the candles) make the perfect gifts for anyone and for any occasions including birthdays and housewarming parties. When selecting a candle, you need to make sure the scent isn't too aggressive or unusual, which makes the Teak candles the perfect gifts.



teak in bathroom

In general, what role does fragrance play in your day to day life?

Being French, fragrance has always been a big part in my life. I was gifted my very own first eau de toilette when I was 5, and have been wearing cologne and fragrance ever since. I love scents, including in my home. That's why I always have a reed diffuser in my bathroom, and a scented candle burning in the living room in the evening. I burn candles especially as the sun sets, as they get more noticeable and make the atmosphere warmer, more inviting and even romantic.


How did you first learn about Votivo? What would you say makes Votivo fragrances and our products different from other home fragrance products you’ve used?

I first discovered Votivo in Dallas. Every time my husband and I would go to the car wash to get the car cleaned, we would get a Votivo Rush of Rose or Red Currant (our fav) candle from the gift shop boutique that was attached (it was in Highland Park- it wasn’t your typical car wash...). Votivo candles are very unique, not only because of their distinguished scents, but also because of their unique packaging. 

For more fragrance, lifestyle, and travel inspiration, head over to but before you go, make sure you take a few minutes to find the Teak product that best fits your aesthetic.

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