Fall and holiday fragrances you need this winter

Fall and holiday fragrances you need this winter

Twilight is making an appearance earlier in the afternoon, cool air greets you at the front door, leaves crunch underfoot, and trees begin to shed their bright green leaves. It’s not fall. It’s not the holiday season. It’s candle season.

If you live for chunky scarves, cozy sweaters, and a good latté (pumpkin spice or otherwise) Spiced Chai, Smoked Wood & Amber, and Joie de Noel will create the warm and inviting aesthetic you’re looking for. Spiced Chai is our perfumer’s luxurious take on the Pumpkin Spice Latté. Smoked Wood & Amber incorporates the smokiness of guaiac wood with amber for a fragrance that’s deep and rich, yet smooth. Joie de Noel combines cinnamon, clove, and orange blossom for the comforting scent of simmering mulled spices with the light of one match.


If you’re into neutrals and the onset of winter heralds in your transition from soft tan and creams to cool silver and grey, Grey Vetiver, Venetian Leather, and Clean Crisp White will complete your sleek look and feel for the winter. Grey Vetiver has been dubbed, our “hot man” scent – with birch leaves, marine notes, and oak moss, it’s a cool and clean classic. Venetian Leather is new for the fall, with notes of buttery suede and robust cedar wood. These fragrances, along with Clean Crisp White strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine for those who need a candle their partner approves of in the home.

Does cooler weather mean you can’t wait to head for the mountains? Bring the refreshing scent of the great outdoors inside for a mid-week retreat with Champaca, Teak, Forgotten Sage, or Tuscan Olive. Champaca and teak offer two distinct takes on the woody scent category. Champaca leans more floral with notes of orange blossom and neroli, while Teak is fresh with juniper, pine, and teakwood components. Lighting a Forgotten Sage candle provides a similar experience to plucking fresh sage off a budding plant. It’s fresh, green, and herbal. Tuscan Olive satiates the desire to explore by brining the scent of an Italian olive grove to your living area. If your week is busy, light one of these candles and close your eyes for a short retreat to your destination of choice.

If the beginning of fall and winter makes you feel festive, adorn your home with gilded pieces that smell like sweet holiday treats with the Red Currant Collection. Bring the fresh scent of pine inside with Icy Blue Pine, or make your home feel calm and relaxed with the herbal qualities of Christmas Sage. With Red Currant, Icy Blue Pine, Joie de Noel, and Christmas Sage, the new holiday collection includes a candle for every type of nostalgia, stylishly wrapped in gold-tipped glass.


Cooler weather, warmer homes, and longer evenings mean it’s time to pull out your best scented candles to keep things feeling warm, bright, and fresh. Maybe it’s time to find add a few new favorites to your candle repertoire, too.


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