Red Currant Holiday Reed Diffuser

Red Currant Holiday Reed Diffuser

$28.00 USD


A coveted delicacy for the senses, Red Currant's powerfully tart perfection is attributable to the accords of meticulously ripened cassis berries. Serving as a savory accompaniment to jams, teas and other holiday sweet treats, Red Currant opens with galbanum, cassis, and citrus followed by floral stories of geranium and rose. Full-bodied black currant tamed by sugar and fruity musk remarkably finished the fragrance, The reed diffuser is shipped in festive quatrefoil packaging, which is perfect for gift giving occasions. This reed diffuser is 4 fl.oz. Setup is simple - just take off the top of the reed bottle and add as many fiber reeds as you like. The more reeds you use, the quicker the fragrance oil will diffuse. With fiber reeds, there is no need to flip. Simply set up you reed diffuser once and enjoy your favorite fragrances until the reed oil is gone!


Fragrance Family: Fruity

Volume: 4.1 fl oz/ 120 ml

Lifespan: Up to 45 days

Item: 96HR