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Your home isn't complete without a cactus. Here's why..

brooke in living room

This spring, incorporate some of the most beautiful and trending natural elements in your home decor with easy, attainable style inspiration and direction from our friend, Brooke! She thrifts unique items and resells them, and she has an eye for making unique pieces work together as a whole. Recently, she invited us into her home and taught us how to make boho style work with what you've got, why plants and fragrance are so important to creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and how to keep those plants alive. You can find our conversation below.

brooke smelling desert cactus

Q. So Brooke, what fragrance are you burning these days?

A. Desert Cactus. It smells earthy and reminds me of the inside of a greenhouse after it rains. The floral smell is very vibrant like in a green house after rainfall but not too strong. It makes me feel relaxed and calm - like I'm in my element loving on my cactus babies. 

desert cactus on coffee table

Q. What a great feeling! Is there a particular part of your home where you incorporate fragrance?

A. In the living room, dining room, and bathroom. It adds warmth to your house, and it's very inviting. Desert Cactus has got that floral deep earthy smell which is what I'm hoping my house looks like and feels like.

brooke apartment

Desert Cactus plants on shelf

Q. We definitely feel that vibe here. Where do you find your home decor pieces, and what inspires your boho style?

A. For my home decor, I throw whatever I love together and I make it work. Sometimes it's hard to decide where to hang things, but overall I find it easy. I just fill it with things I love. My husband and I took two trips out west during our first year of marriage. We visited Phoenix, Arizona & Joshua Tree National Park. The photographs I took there that are in our living room inspire me and my passion for cactus. Now, I find pieces at estate sales, thrift stores & auctions. My favorite piece that I acquired is my bamboo shelf which is currently for sale on my shop (@ollieopal on Instagram).

brooke with plant babies

Q. Plants are also a significant part of your home, and caring for them is one of your hobbies. Where do you find your plants, and how do you keep them looking their best?

A. Martins Nursery in Greenville is a go-to, some are propagated from different plants I find. Some of our plants were gifts or even finds from trips...I snuck some on the plane from our travel out west!

When caring for plants, you have to make sure there is good drainage and fertilize your plants every two weeks. Wipe them down - don't dust them, and mix soils. I use three different kinds of soil. Good lighting helps them thrive, and then I baby them like my daughter, and I talk to the plants.

There you go! What are your home decor tips and plant care tricks? We'd love to learn from you all, so leave a comment below!

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