Valentine’s Gift Guide for the Fragrance Lovers

Valentine’s Gift Guide for the Fragrance Lovers

Is your significant other always picking up on the scents around them? Encourage them to develop their love of fragrance with a Valentine’s Day gift that expresses excellence in the art of fragrance. Maybe they’ll find a new favorite scent, or maybe you’ll help them re-stock on their stand by. Either way, you can customize your fragranced gift to suit their personality. Show them just how much you know and love them this year with one of the ideas below!

Best Valentine’s Gifts for Her


  1. Golden Allure

All that glitters is definitely gold with this vessel for our best-selling fragrance, Red Currant. Gift the woman in your life a candle in her favorite scent that compliments her home décor and you’ll earn all the brownie points.

 Red Currant Personal Care Products

  1. Red Currant Personal Care

Encourage her to pamper herself this winter with red currant bar soap, liquid soap, or hand cream. You’re the person she trusts most and encouraging her to take a minute for herself throughout the day will make her feel oh so loved and cherished.

 Aromatic Large Candle

  1. Her favorite scent, super-sized

Go big in the name of love! Have you noticed that she has a signature scent? Her home smells like a particular fragrance every time you walk inside, it makes you feel welcome. Help her keep that good smell going with a large aromatic candle in her favorite fragrance—that’s 110 hours of her signature scent!


  1. A floral bouquet of fragrance

Rush of Rose, White Iris, Desert Cactus, Honeysuckle, Gilded Magnolia, St. Germain Lavender, and Forgotten Sage will provide the perfect floral experience with none of the fuss. Gift her one of each in a travel tin and she can enjoy all the scents long after Valentine’s Day.


Best Valentine’s Gifts for Him


  1. Timbered Gem

Is your man clean cut and efficient? Contribute to the modern, sleek feel of his home with one of our newest vessels for our fan-favorite fragrance, red currant. He’ll love the look, you’ll both love the smell.

  1. Travel Tin Assortment

The men on our team love travel tins for their simple design and easy transportation. Want to know the top three fragrances on their wish list this year? Champaca, Clean Crisp White, and Deep Clover. If your Valentine enjoys the candles at your house but doesn’t have any for himself, introduce him to a few new scents he can enjoy at home!


  1. A reed diffuser with his favorite fresh or woody fragrance

An aromatic reed diffuser is the perfect gift for him for a few reasons. One, its design is clean and simple, which means it will look great wherever he puts it. Two, the fiber reed technology our diffusers use makes diffusing easy because they don’t need to be flipped. He can set it once and enjoy a fresh or woody fragrance for up to 120 days. Three, he’ll love being greeted with a fresh new fragrance every time he comes home, and it will remind him of you!


Best Valentine’s Gifts to break the ice


  1. Rush of Rose Aromatic Candle

Less cliché than flowers, more fragrant, and much longer lasting, a Rush of Rose candle is the perfect gift to break the ice and let someone know that they hold a special place in your heart.

 Votivo Gift Card          

  1. A gift card to their favorite fragrance shop!

You can print your gift card off and slip it inside a hand-written note or simply send it via email if you’re a little too shy to make their day in person.


  1. The red currant collection candle you feel best fits their style.

Gift them a stylish vessel and breathtaking fragrance that they can show off to all their friends. Then, when people hear about you for the first time, it’s in a positive light!

  1. An auto vent clip and a card.

Keep it simple and sweet. Maybe even invite them to a drive in movie so you can enjoy the fragrance together!