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The Cure to FOASH

Nothing brings people together quite like food. Summer presents a lot of great opportunities to gather with friends and family around a beautiful table of good food and great drinks. The last thing on your mind should be does my house smell pleasing to my guests. You are not alone if that fear has caused hesitation in your desire to entertain. At Votivo, we have termed that fear FOASH (fear of a smelly home). Out of 150 people surveyed at random, over 90 percent say they suffer from house odor insecurity.

Votivo Aromatic Votive

Let us help put an end to the fear so the focus can get back on what’s most important, enjoying food with great company. Votivo offers many fragrance solutions such as reed diffusers, candles and fan diffusers. For entertaining, a great option is the Aromatic Votive. You can use multiples to build visual impact as well as control desired fragrance level. The burn time is great on these with a range of 20 to 25 hours.

Votivo Pink Mimosa Votive Candle

The Aromatic Votives are offered in a variety of fragrances. Finding a fragrance to fit your theme is very easy. If you are feeling more confident, try scent combinations beforehand that complement the menu you are serving. If you are going for a tropical vibe, Island Grapefruit would make a good option. If classic, breezy is more of the feel, try White Ocean Sands or Clean Crisp White. Planning a special night for the girls? Pink Mimosa would be a top contender.

Votivo Island Grapefruit Votive Candle

Bottom line, with Votivo’s excellence in the art of fragrance you can’t go wrong.

Here’s to the cure for FOASH and happy entertaining!