The 5 Qualities of a Votivo Candle

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The 5 Qualities of a Votivo Candle

What makes a Votivo candle unique in the world of fragrance and home décor?


1. Excellence in the art of fragrance.

Each fragrance created for Votivo candles is thoughtfully crafted by our in-house fragrance team, led by our Premier Perfumer, Emily Arce. Unlike many candle companies, we do not purchase our fragrances, but we thoughtfully formulate each one, taking additional care to create a deeper, more complex fragrance experience with each burn. To learn more about fragrance families and the art of fragrance, click here.


2. Made in the USA

From the fragrance lab to wax pouring in production, each Votivo candle is made at our headquarters in Spartanburg, SC. We take ownership of each step of our candles’ creation to ensure that your Votivo candle experience truly resembles excellence in the art of fragrance. This approach enables us to use a heavier fragrance load than you find in most candles. Oftentimes, one centrally-placed Votivo candle can fill multiple rooms with your favorite scent.


3. Classic style

While we’ve made updates to the original Votivo candle look over the years, our evolution as a brand has stayed true to who we are- classic style and extraordinary fragrance. If your Votivo candle includes fragrance notes on the front label, you can be sure that your candle was created by us, for you. Adding the fragrance notes to give you a better idea of the scent within was our most recent update for Votivo candles.

In addition to timeless vessels for aromatic candles, reed diffusers, travel tins, and votives, we extended our classic style to a variety of vessels in the red currant collection. Check out the different looks you can enjoy our best-selling fragrance in here.


4. Clean burn

From crafting our soy-blend wax to finding the perfect lead-free cotton wicks, we’ve done our research to make sure that when you burn a Votivo candle, you get the most enjoyment you can from it. We care so much about your fragrance experience, that we even wrote a blog post about how to burn a Votivo candle. Read more here to get the best burn you can and to make sure you enjoy your Votivo candle as intended- with no soot and an even wax pool.


5. Fragrance for everyone

With a variety of scents in each fragrance category (oriental, fresh, citrus, fruity, woody, and floral), there’s sure to be a Votivo candle to suit your preferences as they change with the seasons and a tried and true candle you can enjoy every day.

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Do you have a favorite Votivo candle? If so, we’d love to hear more about your experience. Reach out via social @votivo to let us know your thoughts!