Red Currant Collection: Oh My Red Currant – Votivo

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Red Currant Collection: Oh My Red Currant

A fragrance so loved it demands its very own collection, the Red Currant Collection merges Votivo’s best-selling fragrance with cutting-edge style to redefine a renowned brand classic. Design elements of gilded finishes run through the collection as well as geometrics and texture. Style interpretations range from rustically raw to polished chic.

This collection is devoted to Red Currant fanatics that want a big dose of glam served alongside statement-making décor. The diverse collection of vessel options reads a little jazzier than the classic styling of Red Currant in the Aromatic Collection.

Larger standouts such as Rustic Glam, Industrial Gilt or the Pillar and Pillar Accessory make incredible conversation pieces as table centerpieces. While several of the smaller vessels can be layered in multiples for stronger visual and fragrance impact. Think several Gold Glimmer Votives intermingled with a few Metallic Elegance candles across a dining table runner or sideboard.

What’s even better than having your space fragranced by this beloved fragrance in overly stylish vessel options is the ability to add the fragrance to your beauty regimen as well. Enjoy options such as the hand cream. A royal treatment for parched hands, Red Currant Hand Cream soothes with a hydrating formulation of Shea butter, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. For a silky indulgence, simply massage into skin for a lavishly scented nourishing boost. This 3 oz size is perfect to toss in your bag and use on the go or as a vanity or nightstand staple.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some Red Currant Collection, and let us know how you style it.