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Make it Happen: Your End of Summer Soiree

Island Grapefruit Cocktail

“Wait, what? It’s August? How did we get here?”… Our feelings exactly. Per usual, Summer has blown by and we’re left thinking about all of the fun things left to do, friends to catch up with, and sights left to see. Have no fear – it’s never to late to organize an End of Summer Soiree! And because sometimes it can feel like just one more thing on the to do list – we’ve broken it down into 3 easy steps:

 Step 1. Organize Your Guest List.

Summer can make us feel like we’re just ships passing in the wind with our closest friends. Between your vacation, my vacation, family commitments, on going to do lists, and more – our schedules never seem to line up in the summer months. With back to school looming and summer travel winding down, end of summer is the perfect time to host a get together. Plus, there will be plenty of stories & updates to catch up on! Use an online invitation service like Paperless Post to get the word out.

 Step 2. Enjoy Outdoor Entertaining.

            The beauty of summer entertaining is getting the chance to utilize your outdoor living space. Work with what you have and make your area conducive to lots of mingling! Create an area for food & drinks that’s easily accessible and doesn’t interrupt the flow of conversation. We love adding a touch of additional décor with tiny planters and succulents. 

Step 3. Plan a Signature Cocktail

            Keep the Summer vibes going until the very end by serving your guests the perfect tropical cocktail. Inspired by our Island Grapefruit Candle, our friends at The Anchorage in Greenville, SC, helped us create a signature drink recipe that captures the citrus notes of this fragrance. Follow along as Mills whips up this cocktail creation and save our custom recipe card to prepare for your party.

Island Grapefruit Cocktail Recipe