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How to Create a Home with Fragrance

Interior designer and home styling expert, Chrissy McDonald joins us to reveal the best way to tie your home together- with fragrance! Continue reading to hear from Chrissy about the primary influences on her style and her tips for making your house a home through design and scent.
harlowe james with large aromatic candle red currant candles on books
"I first became interested in interior design as a career right out of high school, but I have had a love of styling most of my life. Growing up I always cared about what my room looked like and took great pride in playing around with various wall colors and accessories. I love that it was a representation of my personality in those moments and still feel that way. 
I am influenced by so many things, but travel has hands down changed my life. Exploring new cities and living in Savannah, Georgia opened up my mind exponentially. I love collecting special pieces from various trips - those always end up being the conversation pieces and make a house a home. There is so much to be learned just by observing how other people live and what inspired their lifestyle.  
One of the most important aspects for my home is an immediate sense of comfort. I want my friends or family to feel like it is their home and nothing is too previous. Working in layers is crucial for me and helps to create a sense of depth that feels live in. There is nothing like a cozy interior! 
red currant collection candle on table next to flowers large aromatic candle on shelf with snuffer
Fragrance is one of the most important aspects in making our living space feel the way it does. I light a candle every single day usually twice a day. Once when I get up in the morning and around dinner time. Not only does it help set a tone, there is an immense comfort that comes with familiar scents. That is why Red Currant is one of my favorite scents. It is sweet, yet subtle and is grounded in an earthiness. It is the perfect compliment to any room because it does not overpower it. Whenever I have that scent lit someone asks what it is! 
I have a candle in every single room of our apartment and multiples in each space. I love having a candle on my bedside table so I can smell it even when it's not lit. I also find it crucial to keep one in the kitchen to light immediately after I am finished cooking dinner. 
Candles are by far one of my most gifted items. They make the best gifts for just about every occasion! I know my friends very well so I can usually guess what type they will enjoy most, but it also helps to pay attention to the details. What type of perfume do they wear? Or what kind of flowers do they often buy? I usually go off of those things to get a general idea of scents they would enjoy."

In addition to an Interior Design degree from Savannah College of Art and Design, Chrissy has spent years working at an interior design firm in Sausalito, California, where she currently resides. She now runs her own E Design projects and a life+style blog. Find her at