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How To Burn A Candle

At Votivo our primary goal is to give you a safe product with maximum amount of burn time and with the least amount of soot. We would like to offer some best practices when using our candles. Here are five steps to a clean burn:

STEP ONE: Before burning use a wick trimmer to trim your candle to the ideal length of 1/4 inches.

STEP TWO: Light your Votivo Candle. Make sure you find a safe place for your candle when burning. Never burn your candle near anything that can catch fire or in reach of kids or pets.

STEP THREE: The initial burn of a candle is the most important. Allow the candle wax to pool to the edge. Candles should burn one hour for every inch in diameter of the candle size. When you allow your candle to pool to the edge you give your Votivo Candle more life! The candle then has more wax & fragrance to burn through instead of the wax tunnling.

STEP FOUR: Use a candle snuffer to extinguish your Votivo candle. It’s the safest way to prevent hot wax from splattering and it gives you a nice clean wick.

STEP FIVE: Trim your Votivo Candle to get ready for your next burn!

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