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Gift Guide for Travelers

If you know someone whose idea of the best day ever includes wide open roads or time in the sky, you're in luck. We've curated a collection of the best gifts for travelers!

Truffle Clarity Jetset Case

jetset case

You might not be TSA Pre-approved, but this transparent travel case is! This is the perfect size to hold cosmetic items and liquids. The sturdy material protects items from getting squished in over-full carry-ons, and the see-through material makes security workers happy, which makes everyone happy, right?

Swell Water Bottle

swell water bottle

Whether you’re headed off to chase an adrenaline rush or enjoy some relaxation, staying hydrated is crucial. S’well water bottles are a great gift for the traveler in your life because they are the best at keeping liquids the temperature you desire, they’re BPA free, condensation-free by design, and can be personalized!

Mark and Graham Monogrammed Leather Passport Holder

mark and graham passport case

One of the most stressful aspects of traveling is keeping all your documents together. Help your world traveler relax as they navigate new cultures and countries by providing a beautiful way to organize their necessary papers. With a variety of leather colors and monogram foil options, this passport case is ideal for men and women on the go.

Away Carry On Luggage

away carry one

Is it possible to have a conversation about travel necessities without mentioning Away? We think not. From an ejectable battery that can charge any phone up to 5x to the included laundry bag and the fact that you can buckle down to compress and squeeze more items into this carry on that fits in overhead compartments 100% of the time, it’s crossing off all our checklists. We might be in love.

Hot Toddy Carry On Kit

hot toddy carry on

This kit includes everything you need (except the hard stuff) to craft two Hot Toddy cocktails mid-flight. And it’s stocking-stuffer sized. Need we say more?

Portable Charger

 portable charger

While this portable charger is great for moments when you think you found a free outlet in the airport and it turns out to be a sticker, it’s also super convenient for everyday use as well! Charge your phone while you bike, sit in meetings, and attend concerts – sounds like the dream.

Air BnB gift card

air bnb gift card

This is the easiest way to support your traveler’s wanderlust. Play your cards right, and they just might take you with them!


pebblar app

Perfect for the Type-A traveler. With Pebblar, you can create a travel itinerary, and it will create a map of your time and distance between each point! Address/phone/website/opening hours automatically sync and travel time is automatically calculated so you can fit in the most fun/productivity/ whatever you please. What’s really convenient is that you can visualize your day based on where you’ll be going or a step-by-step itinerary based on activities.

Red Currant hand cream

The best way to take your favorite scent with you wherever you go!

 What are your travel essentials? Let us know in a comment below!

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