Fresh Tomato Leaf: Abundance Without Waste

Fresh Tomato Leaf: Abundance Without Waste

Votivo unearths abundance without waste with its reintroduction of one of its most iconic fragrances – Fresh Tomato Leaf, which was originally released in 2009 as a part of our Garden Collection. We had so many requests for it that we brought it back from the fragrance vault to launch our new Vintage Votivo Collection.

Unearthing the essence of garden to table, Fresh Tomato Leaf is a composite of herbaceous crisp, leafy, rhubarb entwines with succulent lemon, which burgeons into an earthy medley spearmint, savory tomato and patchouli.

Each Fresh Tomato Leaf Aromatic Candle has an approximate burn time of 50-60 hours, and includes a special paper insert within the box, which can be planted to grow fresh, garden tomatoes. All of our Aromatic Candle wicks are composed of 100% natural fibers including cotton, cellulose or paper, and each candle is lovingly wrapped by hand in our branded tissue paper. We take pride in our distinct packaging – each seal on our Aromatic Boxes are hand crafted with care.

While supplies last, enjoy one of our most popular fragrances, Fresh Tomato Leaf, and repurpose the seed paper to grow your own tomato plant. The final ship date for this scent is August 15th.

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