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Fall Fragrances: Best Fall Scents

Just as the weather changes temperature, the fragrances you indulge in your home should complement the shift in season. The Oriental & Woody fragrance families truly shine during the Fall months with their rich, spicy notes and earthy elements. We’ve handpicked our Votivo must-have fall fragrances, perfect for adding warmth and highlighting the season in your home.

Smoked Wood & Amber - Oriental
Our newest addition to the Votivo Library, Smoked Wood & Amber captures the fiery allure of a crackling fire with complexities of earthy woods, resinous oud and sultry spices. Burn Smoked Wood & Amber in your living room to create a warm & cozy atmosphere during a chilly evening.

Spiced Chai - Oriental
Inspired by the flavorful comforts of a warm frothy beverage, this gourmand fragrance is the ultimate blend of spice and sweetness. Burn Spiced Chai in your entryway when you’re having company over. Your guests will be greeted with pure aromatic deliciousness!

Teak - Woody
An exotic and wood inspired fragrance, Teak is an intoxicating masculine blend of coarsely chopped dried herbs and forest floor earthen moss. Enjoy these sensual fragrance notes to set the tone for a Fall date night.

Black Ginger - Oriental
A seductive fragrance of time worn leather and sweet mulled spices brewed over an open flame, Black Ginger is the perfect complement to your home office or study on a crisp Autumn day.

Champaca - Woody
Soothe your soul with the inspiring aroma of rare sandalwood inextricably interwoven with the scent of delicate champaca petals. Add Champaca to a laid-back Sunday of relaxation.